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Country of Origin for Import Products

Do you know where your products were originated from? When we buy from a certain country, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been made in that country. Remember to check labels to make sure of your product’s country of origin!

What is “Country of Origin”?

Country of origin is the country of manufacture, production, or growth of any product.

Why Is Country of Origin Important?

The country of origin of merchandise can determine a couple of things, but one important factor is that depending on which country of origin, the rate of duty may be affected!

For example:

  • You buy a 100% polyester t-shirt. The duty rate would be 32%. If this t-shirt is made in China, meaning that China is the country of origin, there would be an additional 7.5% increase in the rate of duty. If you buy the same t-shirt but the country of origin is Peru, then you would not have to pay duty at all because the U.S. and Peru have a free trade agreement. If the country of origin of your product is subject to free trade agreement, the product would have a free rate of duty!

In another example:

  • You purchase a sofa from Vietnam. You would not have to pay any duty if this sofa is made in Vietnam, considering that sofas have a free duty rate. However, if it turns out that the sofa was not made in Vietnam, but made in China, you would have to pay a 25% duty rate.

Knowing the country of origin of your products is crucial in determining the rate of duty. Consult with a customs broker for additional help on understanding country of origin, or email & call us at 714-383-9973.



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