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Imports for Summer Fashion Apparel

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Summer is just around the corner! That means the season for shirts, shorts, and swimwear is approaching us soon. Clothing apparel is one of America’s largest import industries, and in order to import any type of apparel, you have to make sure to comply to the U.S. Customs regulations. If you are a new importer, some things to keep in mind about your garments are where they are made, what material they are made from, country of origin, clothing label marking, etc. The regulations and rate of duties imposed vary by specific classifications.

But what technically classifies as a “shirt”?

For example, for a garment to be classified as a men’s woven shirt (6205), it must be for the upper part of the body and usually for a male.

- Must have full or partial opening starting at the neckline

- May have pockets below the waist

- May have a detachable collar

- May have a rib-knit waistband

- May have rib knit cuffs

- Long or short sleeves

- Not sleeveless

However, a women’s woven shirt is a garment for the upper part of the body for a female, which is under a different classification referenced as a blouse (6206).

- May have full or partial opening starting at the neckline or no opening at the neckline

- No tightening at the bottom of the garment

- No ribbed waistband

- Shoulder coverage greater than 2 1/2 inches

- No pockets below the waist

- Long or short sleeves; may also be sleeveless

- Must reach the waist

- May have a hood

It is important that your items are classified correctly in order to pay the associated rate of duty! Please contact or 714-383-9973 if you have any concerns about your summer apparel classifications.


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