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Global Shipping Container Shortage

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused economic and social disruption all across the globe. You can imagine that this is an unprecedented time for the shipping industry, as the world faces a shortage in shipping containers. This shortage has a global impact resulting in excessive inflation of container prices along with extended delay times of freights. Since world trade relies heavily on shipping containers, this shortage interrupts international supply chains.

The problem isn’t that the world is low on shipping containers, but the containers are in the wrong places. Due to pandemic lockdowns at different times all over world, shipping containers often become stuck at inland depots and cargo ports, causing an imbalance of shipping container availability. “Shipping companies began reducing the number of cargo ships that were being sent out. This not only stopped the usual flow of imported and exported goods, but also saw empty containers not being collected.

A notable example of misplaced shipping containers can be seen in American regions and Asian containers. Because of Covid-19 restrictions, the containers have come to a halt and can not be sent out to proceed with trade partnerships.

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